Roskilde 2023: Lizzo with a last festival hurrah 

REVIEW ★★★★☆☆ Lizzo entertained the people who stuck around for the last Orange Stage show

Lizzo got the honour of closing the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival. While some had already left, making for the least crowded show on the stage of the entire festival, her concert had many good moments.

It was a nurturing show for the soul, complete with a meditation moment built in. Breathing exercises and self-affirming chants were also a big part of the show in general.

One of the highlights was when she implored the audience to tell themselves and the person next to them “You’re special!”. While this can seem like a quite standard concert gimmick, it made for a heart-felt moment.

Lizzo has a lot of stamina, and in case the audience were in doubt watching her suggestive dance moves and even playing the flute, a message from rap legend Missy Elliott reiterated the point to the delight of those gathered.

Some of the most exciting songs to hear live were ‘Juice’ and ‘Jerome’. The latter was accompanied by the crowd lighting up the night with their phones and a message from the artist that we “all know a Jerome who needs to go home”. 

Crowd pleaser
The concert had themes such as body positivity and equal rights for all sexual orientations that the audience wholeheartedly supported. When audience members held up signs that they wanted Lizzo to marry or adopt them, she reciprocated the affection. 

She even said she could live in Denmark and asked if she would get dual citizenship if she took one of the offers. The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer was a natural at connecting with the audience. 

Sound closing choice
Lizzo was a good choice for keeping the party going during the dying moments of the festival – even if people were more excited about the Hans Phillip show at Arena right after.

By the time ‘About Damn Time’ closed the show, people were generally happy they stayed for the concert. The atmosphere probably suffered from people having left the festival area though.