Hot in Town: Culture-house jazz, comedy and bellissimo Italian food

Your guide to unmissable culture events in Copenhagen this week.

CONCERT: “De flygtende” (“The fugitives”)
September 28 – Octobre 1; Literaturhaus, Møllegade 7, Cph N
On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the rescue of the Danish Jews during the occupation, the Danish Berlin singer Mads Elung-Jensen created the jazz concert “De flygtende”. The music is by brilliant composers such as Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, Friedrich Hollaender and Werner Richard Heymann, who gilded the music scene in Berlin in the 20s. All of them had to leave their homes immediately upon the Nazi takeover.

DANCE: Mit stille hjem (My quiet home)
September 29 – October 1; Aveny-T, Frederiksberg Allé 102, 1820 Frederiksberg
Three women/dancers/Ukrainians together with six other female dancers create a snapshot of a contemporary and historical state of war, created through dance in a unique collaboration. A performance where powerlessness, sadness and uncertainty are inevitably present, but at the same time also the indomitable courage and strength that lies in the woman and in the female community – both near and far across global borders and generations. A poetic, moving, powerful dance protest against external forces that, despite their atrocities, cannot prevent these women from going on stage and dancing.

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PERFORMANCE: MASS – bloom exploration
September 10 – 16; Vestre Kirkegård, Allé 15, Cph SV
In a transparent plastic dome, Hilde I. Sandvold and thousands of mealworms live side by side. The micro-universe is created entirely from white foam plastic. Besides being a big part of our human use-and-throw-away mentality, foam plastic is also a source of nutrition that pleases the ever-hungry mealworms. The potential arises for a new form of symbiosis between species and for an organism capable of living off plastic. It could very well be the start of a new species on Earth. Together, the mealworms and Hilde create a new room. They perform durational choreography, namely an installation where the space is slowly but visibly changed by the worms’ digestion and the human body in motion.

COMEDY: English Comedy Night
September 9, 21:30; Comedy Zoo, Kompagnistræde 19, Cph K
The event will host several English speaker comedians:
Adam Flood: Winner of Bath Festival New Comedian 2022, soon to be seen on ITV’s Stand Up Sketch Show and one of Stoke on Trent’s premium cultural exports.
Heidi Regan: With more than a decade’s experience as a comedy writer, Heidi enjoyed a meteoric rise through the stand-up comedy ranks.
Jodie Mitchell: Jodie Mitchell is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, podcaster and Drag King. They’ve appeared on Comedy Central Live and Channel 4’s ‘Jokes Only A Lesbian Can Tell’ and wrote on season 3 of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’.

Flæsketorvet 50, 1711 København
Masseria – describing itself as ‘an Italian oasis in the Meat City’ – is part of the Sovino chain, which is currently opening new restaurants at a rapid pace.  Despite its interesting combinations and beautiful photos on Instagram, the restaurant has been rated three hearts on Politiken’s Ibyen.

ART: Light your shine | A duo exhibition by Rose Eken & Mie Olise Kjærgaard
September 9 – November 19; Gammelgaard
In the process of creating the duo exhibition, Eken & Kjærgaard made huge collaborative collages filled with reference photos. Photos of flowing hair, mythical figures, creatures in metamorphosis and portraits of artists like Judy Chicago, Leonor Fini, Louise Nevelson and Leonora Carrington, women that often have been overlooked and omitted from art history, inspired the works of the exhibition.

TV: Telemarketers (Season 1)
The three-part documentary series features years of footage taken by Sam Lipman-Stern Pat Pespas was working at a New Jersey telemarketing call center and their later efforts to expose similar schemes by others. The series scored 81/100 on Metacritic.

FILM: Andre folks børn (Other people’s children)
The title of the currently premiering French-Belgian film “Andre Folks børn” should not be confused with the Danish children’s film of the same name from 1958, where the mouse Hannibal turned the song “Man sku’ altid bo på landet” into a land scourge. Rebecca Zlotowski’s new film, whose original title is “Les Enfants des autres”, is aimed at a more mature audience and is about Rebecca, a woman in her mid-life who never had the child she really dreams of. CPHCulture awarded four stars for the movie.

For news of other events coming up in the Copenhagen area, check out the new Copenhagen Post calendar here.