February 24: National Day in Estonia

Estonia’s National Day is on Saturday 24 February. Read about the traditional celebrations and find resources for Estonian networks and events in Denmark.

On February 24th 1918, the Manifesto to the Peoples of Estonia was published, declaring an independent and democratic Republic of Estonia.

Ever since, this date has been a celebrated as Estonia’s Independence Day.

Independence Day is celebrated with the hoisting of flags across Estonia, the laying of wreaths on the statues of the War of Independence, the lighting of candles on the graves of state and public figures, and the organisation of ceremonies, services, and speeches.

The Defence Forces organise a traditional parade, and the evening ends with a concert ceremony and a reception by the President of the Republic.

In addition to participating in public celebrations, people get together with their families and friends to spend time in nature and enjoy the holiday. Estonian Public Broadcasting offers a special programme dedicated to the holiday.

Source: The Embassy of Estonia

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