Schools guarantee physical classes for new students

Schools will prioritise offering physical classes to new students but digital learning will continue following spring’s Coronavirus Crisis

Universities will continue offering online classes in the fall while providing physical attendance for new students (photo: Studieskolen’s Facebook page)
July 28th, 2020 10:36 am| by Kaukab Tahir Shairani

Universities in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic have guaranteed physical attendance particularly for new students, DR reports.

“A good study environment is important. And it is hard to imagine that you can start it without physical attendance,” said Lone Vestergaard, head of studies at Aalborg University.

However, schools will continue to keep online learning facilities up-to-date following spring’s COVID-19 crisis.

Rie Snekkerup, Vice-Provost for Education at the University of Copenhagen, said that universities will follow a set of guidelines such as limiting the number of students in classrooms and reading areas.

She maintained that digital teaching will remain a key component of education.

Online learning not optimal
Johan Hedegaard Jørgensen, chairman of the Danish Students’ Union, said that digital learning may affect the quality of teaching, which is why physical attendance is available for new students.

He added that online learning was not optimal.

“The students have been frustrated during the corona crisis. There is no one who benefits from sitting at home in the dorm room,” said Jørgensen.

70,000 new students admitted
Schools are finalising their modes of teaching as a record number of nearly 70,000 students got admitted to higher education in 2020.

Past midnight on Tuesday, 69,529 out of 94,604 applicants were offered places in universities across the country.

The number is a six percent increase compared to last year.