Local Round-up: Hotel d’Angleterre pulls the switch on Christmas light facade

Elsewhere, scores of employees are laid off at Copenhagen Airport,

Not lighting up this Christmas (photo: Hotel d’Angleterre Facebook page)
September 4th, 2020 2:39 pm| by Kaukab Tahir Shairani

Hotel d’Angleterre yesterday confirmed it is cancelling its Christmas light facade due to the coronavirus pandemic, reported TV2.

The festive vibe of the hotel on Kongens Nytorv attracts scores of people – both locals and tourists. However, the hotel’s management maintains that it does not go well in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Some decorations … probably
The hotel’s chief executive, Lucas Johansson, said the decision was made after much deliberation: “We hoped that the situation would change, but now we do not see a way out.”

The management may arrange fewer decorations than usual closer to the festivities.  However,  the date of the set-up is undisclosed.

Copenhagen marked as COVID-19 red-zone
The mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has urged young people to take distancing measures into following a rise in the coronavirus tally, which has seen the public health authority mark the city as a COVID-19 red-zone. On Thursday alone, 35 new coronavirus cases were registered in Copenhagen – mostly among under-20s. Meanwhile, City Hall on Thursday announced it would be testing 8,000 employees fortnightly for coronavirus, TV2 reports.

Mass downsizing at Copenhagen Airport
About 511 employees had been laid off at Copenhagen Airport as part of a massive downsizing. “It is a really sad day in the history of Copenhagen Airport,” lamented their employer. The redundancies follow confirmation that the airport has lost 80 percent of its air traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Popular port hotspots shut down due to COVID-19 economic impact
Toldboden in Copenhagen Harbour is set to shut down permanently on September 13 as a result of its popular weekend brunch suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. Owner Jesper Møller said that it had been a difficult decision, but that he planned to reopen elsewhere soon. In the meantime, regulars can look forward an exciting exit program over its last week.

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