More than a third of Copenhageners aiming to eat more sustainably

Eating more fish and chicken, and avoiding food waste among the steps one can take to reduce climate footprint 

If you really mean it … then green it (photo: Føtex)
October 15th, 2020 3:30 pm| by Christian W

According to a new survey of 3,000 people in the Copenhagen area, more than one in every three in the capital region yearn to eat more sustainability.

The survey, compiled by supermarket chain Føtex, revealed that 40 percent of Copenhageners aim to change their eating habits in the next two years in order to be more climate-friendly.

And while 36 percent said they wouldn’t change their habits to reduce their climate footprint, the majority said they aimed to eat more vegetables and less meat.

A considerable portion (40 percent or over) also said they would look to consume more organic foods and local produce, more seasonal food and more plant-based products.

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Don’t touch my dairy!
It was good news for dairy producers, however, as only 15 percent responded that they would cut down on dairy products.

Finally, 26 percent of respondents said they have avoided certain goods because they didn’t see them as climate-friendly enough.

“In Føtex, we have over 100 supermarkets nationwide and at all of them – from Nykøbing Falster to Hjørring – we are experiencing a rising demand for goods that have a focus on the climate,” said Karin Helene Sommer, the head of marketing for Føtex.

“It’s a development that is really gaining traction at the moment, and I think it’s only the start.”

Five good tips for a more sustainable diet

– eat more plant-based produce

– eat more white mean – like fish or chicken – rather than red meat

– avoid food waste

– go for spreadable products or vegetable oil rather than regular butter

– choose potatoes or pasta instead of rice