Our tips on what to look for when finding a place to stay in Denmark 

(photo: Unsplash/Toms Rīts)
January 7th, 2021 1:33 pm| by CPH Post

Are you planning on moving to Denmark or are you just ready to explore a new city and new part of Denmark? Then you have come to the right place because this article gives you our best tips to find housing in Denmark.

Deciding on your preferred city or area 
The first step on our journey of finding a place to stay in Denmark, is to decide where to stay. People from countries larger than Denmark are probably not impressed by the size of Danish cities, but Denmark has all different types of cities. It is a good idea to map out your needs in relation to the place you are going to live as in a specific city, specific area in a city or maybe a suburb. Should my home be close to my place of study or work? Close to water, forest and nature? Close to the city center? And maybe most importantly: what is my budget? You should ask yourself such questions in order to target your housing search.

Oceans of options 
The Internet is crammed with opportunities for rented housing. In recent years, it has become very common for landlords to seek out tenants and vice versa on social media. On social media, you typically come across as a private individual and the contact is thus more personal and sometimes more relaxed. There are also special websites on which you can search for your dream home. These websites typically comprise a large collection of houses, apartments and single rooms for rent. Rented housing in Denmark is called lejebolig and a simple go at this search word will lead you to some of Denmark’s largest and most established websites specifically designed for housing search. On these websites, you change the website language to English and make it a little easier for yourself, if you don’t already speak Danish.

Important to remember 
Rental housing is very popular in the bigger cities, meaning that many tenants apply for the same housing. For this reason, there may be some who are tempted to commit fraud and pose as a landlord. Therefore, you should not go for offers on rental housing where the rent or location is too good to be true or  identifying the landlord is difficult. If you make use of a housing portal, some of these will have verified the landlords, which provides a more secure housing search. Lastly,  it is of course important to read the lease thoroughly through, sign the important documents and pay the deposit and prepaid rent on time, and then you can feel at home in the big city.

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