Restrictions set to continue through winter

PM Mette Frederiksen revealed that COVID-19-related measures would likely be extended well past January 17

Not getting out any time soon (photo: Pixabay)
January 10th, 2021 8:18 pm| by Christian W

If you were hoping that the COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark would expire on January 17, well, think again.

In a TV2 interview tonight, PM Mette Frederiksen said that the restrictions could very well run all the way through winter. 

“If I must answer now, it’s not very likely that all or even some of the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted on January 17,” she said.

The news means it’s likely that school children will be learning remotely at home for longer than expected.

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Winter of our discontent 
The PM said that she couldn’t say for sure how long the restrictions would last, but it could very well be the entire winter for measures involving restaurants, hotels, nightlife and culture.

A final decision will be made this coming week, based on updated infection figures.

“There are things that point to a continuation of a fairly hard lockdown,” Frederiksen said.

The PM urged more Danes to be tested. The number of people being tested has declined since the Christmas period.

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