Støjberg leaves Venstre as impeachment trial looms

Blue Bloc party remains in disarray as former deputy head slams Venstre boss Jakob Ellemann-Jensen upon departure

The relationship between Jakob Ellemann-Jensen and Inger Støjberg was never a happy one (photo: Støjberg’s official Facebook page)
February 5th, 2021 12:00 pm| by Christian W

Last month, a poll showed that Venstre had tumbled to its lowest ratings in two decades.

Now that remarkable downward trajectory seems set to continue after former deputy head Inger Støjberg left the party yesterday. 

Støjberg, who also faces an impeachment trial following actions during her stint as immigration minister, didn’t help matters by unleashing a parting shot as she slammed the door shut.

Støjberg remarked that she didn’t think that current party boss Jakob Ellemann-Jensen would ever become prime minister. 

“I believe that Venstre’s leadership, led by Jakob Ellemann, is rapidly moving away from the values that I have always fought for and that I believe that Venste has stood for until now,” Støjberg told Skive Folkeblad.

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A strife that couldn’t be fixed
Støjberg also said that co-operation within the Blue Bloc has never been as poor as it is now during her time in Parliament. 

Aside from her impeachment issue, Støjberg and Ellemann-Jensen have been at odds a number of times since the latter assumed the reins as Venstre head.

One such instance occurred in October last year when Støjberg claimed that the MeToo movement in Denmark was hampered by a “feministic desire for revenge” – a remark that Ellemann-Jensen had to come out and shoot down.

Then, just before the new year, the relationship reached untenable levels when Ellemann-Jensen announced he would support an impeachment trial of Støjberg.

While Støjberg will remain in Parliament as an independent for now, she has ample options for a future in Danish politics.

Her harsh stance as immigration minister has both Dansk Folkeparti and Nye Borgerlige eagerly prepared to welcome her into their fold.

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