Another eyelid-freezing night breaks dozens of cold weather records in Denmark

You’d have to go back to 1981 to find a spring day as cold as last night this late in the season

It’s been cold (photo: Flickr/Nic McPhee)
April 27th, 2021 12:30 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Weather stories should never be boring … or at least that’s always been the case in Britain.

Hyperbole is par for the course: cold weather systems are treacherous, like they’re plotting to kill the queen and usurp the throne. Warm weather, meanwhile, is blistering, leaving the country (and all plastic chairs) in meltdown.

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But in situations when the weather is truly abysmal, all such exaggeration deserts our weather reporters. Rendered speechless, they can barely find the words to tell us.

So with no further ado, just know that last night in Denmark was cold – deal with it.

Temperatures and records falling
This morning, most of the country woke up to freezing temperatures, after thermometers plunged as far as minus 6.2 near Horsens in central Jutland during the night.

While this April is on course to be the coldest for 35 years, there hasn’t been a spring day this cold this late in the season since 1981, when thermometers dropped to -6.9 on April 29 in Nørre Sørig in North Jutland

Furthermore, the country hasn’t had three consecutive spring mornings as cold (under -5 degrees) as Sunday through to Tuesday since 7-9 May 1957.

Looking ahead, warmer temperatures are forecast over the next week, with double figures expected every day, although Friday is expected to be quite rainy.

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