Large investment in improving our capability at detecting the likelihood of premature death

Danish Regions will invest 5 million kroner per year into research concerning hereditary diseases

From now on, children will be more clear about whether they inherited a disease or not. (photo: Green MPs/
September 16th, 2021 10:54 am| by Marius Rolland

Thanks to recent legislative changes, the Danish regions have reached an agreement to invest 5 million kroner per year into the country’s three forensic institutes for research into hereditary diseases and premature death.

This budget will enable forensic scientists to carry out an additional 150 autopsies with the aim of discovering the presence of pathogens in individuals who, according to the regions, died “unexpectedly and suddenly, often before the age of 50”.

Prevention is better than cure
By taking samples of skin tissue, it will be possible to process its genome and determine whether a disease can be passed on to grieving descendants, so if their health is in danger. The process would therefore make it possible to prevent the development of these pathologies in advance.

“You may need medication or a pacemaker. You may also need regular health checks,” commented Karin Friis Bach, the chair of the Danish Regions Health Committee.

In 40 percent of the families concerned, the extensive tests detect hereditary diseases.

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