Getting ‘WISE’ about improving your Business
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WISE ‘Women Inspired, Successful and Empowered’ is an Erasmus+ project powered by We Are Entrepreneurs committed to helping artistic women successfully create their own job through entrepreneurship.

May 15th, 2022 5:00 pm| by Christian W

We are all familiar with motivational calls of “follow your dream” and “pursue your passion”, and right after we get questions like “can you live off that”? The world is full of talented people that should follow their passion; the brave ones go for it and the WISE learn how to do it.

Once a hobby, now a living
As a first of its kind, WISE focuses on helping artistic women integrate into the job market by providing them with new skills needed to establish a business and enjoy a successful career. 

“This training is to give them the entrepreneurship skills to teach them to open their horizons to modern opportunities, and also, what innovation processes and techniques that are out there, and where they can access them,” Diana Medrea-Mogensen, the founder of We Are Entrepreneurs, told CPH POST. 

The material used in teaching has been developed in collaboration with 5 other European organizations (Versli mama and Dailininku from Lithuania, ETN from Italy, ANKA from Greece, and Step by Step from Iceland),  “We Are Entrepreneurs” is part of the WISE project in Denmark. The project is currently in the pilot phase where the course is being tested with selected local women in arts and crafts. The pilot is organized in partnership with Art Escape Studios and Café led by Melanie Dawn Smith, and it consists of 12 four-hour sessions during April, May, and June 2022. 

The participants have recently completed the first Module, “Creative Entrepreneurship” acquiring new business skills, and they are now getting ready to explore “Contemporary Opportunities in Arts” in May through Module 2. Gallery visits, portfolio creation, and NFTs are among the topics covered. In June the artists will explore innovations in their fields during Module 3 through site visits and workshops. Following adult learning principles, WISE aims to keep the training as practical and interactive as possible.

What comes next?
In September 2022, We Are Entrepreneurs and Art Escape Studio and Café are organizing a dissemination event to present the project results to local stakeholders. During this event, the artists will present their work to the public in NFT format. In October 2022, selected NFTs created by participants from all 5 countries will be displayed during Wise Women Week in Vilnius, Lithuania at the Šv. Jono gatvės galerija. 

Additionally, We Are Entrepreneurs has started a collaboration with the Danish e-learning platform uQualio to reach as many women in arts as possible. The plan is to put all the sessions in the e-learning format so that the WISE project can be of use for many more.

Read more about the project here:

We Are Entrepreneurs was created by Diana Medrea-Mogensen with the scope of providing courses, coaching, and developing free educational programs for job market integration through entrepreneurship. The education focused on problem-solving, financial literacy, and service mindset is the key to a more inclusive, balanced, and sustainable world. Get to know We Are Entrepreneurs here:

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