Two new Michelin-starred restaurants show Denmark is a fine dining destination

On Monday evening, two new Danish restaurants have received their first Michelin star, and Frederikshøj was awarded its second

Two new restaurants receive first Michelin star (photo: Guillermo Muro)
July 5th, 2022 1:08 pm| by Benedicte Vagner

On July 4, two new restaurants that have opened within the last year in Denmark have received their first Michelin-star.

Restaurant Mota, which opened in November of 2021 and is located in Nykøbing Sjælland, as well as restaurant Jatak, which opened in January of 2022 and is located in Nørrebro, were two out of the 13 restaurants that were awarded with a Michelin-star at the ceremony.  

The ceremony was held in Stavanger, Norway, and celebrated all of the restaurants that the Michelin-guide considers the best in different cities. Denmark is already known for having 26 Michelin restaurants across the country, with 36 Michelin-stars in total.

The honour of a second star

Not only were stars awarded to these newly opened restaurants, but Frederikshøj also received its second Michelin-star on Monday evening, after being awarded their first star in 2020.

Wassim Hallal, the head chef of Frederikshøj, accepted the award on behalf of the restaurant and was also awarded with an award for being a mentor.

These new stars for Denmark is a great honour and brings a new level of prestige to the restaurants awarded. The exposure that a Michelin-star brings to the Danish restaurant industry is also a perfect attraction to gourmet food lovers around the world.

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