Russian ambassador warns Denmark about training Ukrainian soldiers

Ambassador warns against Danish ‘involvement’ (photo:
August 11th, 2022 12:02 pm| by TheCopenhagenPost

Following the announcement that 130 Danish instructors will be training Ukrainian soldiers in the UK, the Russian Embassy in Denmark has made it clear that it strongly disagrees with the decision.

Vladimir Barbin, the Russian ambassador, believes that Denmark’s involvement in the training will “put the peace at risk”.

“Rather than encouraging Ukraine to end the conflict by negotiation, they are now focusing on Kyiv’s military victory, choosing to escalate the conflict even further,” he told TV2.

UK has opposing views
Denmark is planning on setting 100 million kroner aside to support the training of the Ukrainian soldiers in the war against Russia.

The Defence Ministry has also revealed that Denmark has given Ukraine the opportunity to train in Denmark as well, which might lead to further warnings from the Russian Embassy if taken up.

The UK on the other hand has praised Denmark for its actions The British defence minister, Ben Wallace, enthused: “We will be training up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers and it brings me joy that Denmark is willing to be a part of the project.”

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