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Animal welfare centre to reduce number of farmyard filicides

Bavarian Nordic shares soar as massive cancer deal is signed

Berlusconi making comeback ... in Frederiksberg

New problem for Rejsekort: In a tangle with top-ups

Danish companies hiring more and more freelance translators

Eight out of ten Danes have stress symptoms

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It`s a shame this little turd of a country can`t even get this travel card...

(Jon Paris King on March 4, 2015 13:09)

Oooh that repressive monitoring of muslims that drives them into the arms of...

(Cliff Arroyo on March 4, 2015 07:54)

"while the history buffs watching ?1864? accounted for 20 percent fewer porn...

(William Harvey on March 3, 2015 22:26)

What about rødgrød med fløde?

(Tina Pippi Ditlevsen on March 3, 2015 22:20)

5 out of 1,836.....not good odds

(Eric Schmid on March 3, 2015 15:50)

Hey qingdao (??,Tsingtao) is a place in China, but NOT close to the North...

(Donghua Zhang on March 3, 2015 10:41)

But surely that's lots of destruction... mixing contexts etc. Why not use...

(Emma Smith on March 3, 2015 10:24)

Proportion as observed by the morning news, three shot on Bornholm (two dead...

(Bill Jones on March 3, 2015 07:48)

It would be nice if they could do something with rundown copenhagen..

(Jon Paris King on March 2, 2015 23:25)

Nudism is natural and healthy. Are you Single and a Nudist? Meeting nudists?...

(Nudist Singles on March 2, 2015 05:33)

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