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Immigrants overrepresented in unemployment benefit...

Danish overseas consumer habits hurting economy

World-famous cook Jamie Oliver wades into vacuum-packed...

West Nile mosquito found near Copenhagen

Danish airports affected by Lufthansa strike

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Lock up your daughters! The refugee-brigade is comming!

(Jens Rost on October 20, 2014 01:25)

I love a good "happening"! This is the best "stand-up comedy" ever! :-D

(Jens Rost on October 19, 2014 22:56)

The US Navy would be more then happy to rescue Russia's broken boat on the...

(Stephen Real on October 19, 2014 15:20)

Only legalizations and taxations in Dutch-way may solve that problem. In...

(Sly Tatarski on October 18, 2014 17:32)

No normal minded person would not be absolutely revolted at anyone who uses...

(Joan E Oswald on October 18, 2014 13:44)

Thats not the point of this article, samual. it is simply history. And i...

(Kl Queteimporta on October 18, 2014 09:40)

There might still be hope for Denmark... But unfortunately we lost Sweden.

(Alex DeGre?t on October 17, 2014 22:25)

Deployment in "resource wars" for the benefit of the Western business elite...

(Lars Mathiesen on October 17, 2014 16:22)

Just another colateral damage of human's need for entertainment. Let's move...

(Anibal Damiao on October 17, 2014 11:06)

Heh some time ago I read that for man looking at nacked boops for 10 min a...

(Tsvetelina Solakova on October 17, 2014 10:07)

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