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Since they have no legal right to remove the bikes this is theft and...

(July 27, 2014 16:36)

If they remove bikes from public spaces, they must be breaking the law....

(July 27, 2014 16:32)

Having traveled from Australia (but born in NZ) to participate in the 1864...

(Douglas Stuart Marker on July 27, 2014 06:32)

Yeps ......... lets basically cut this article down to its essential points ....

(Hamish Carey on July 27, 2014 00:36)

If the Faroes are a self regulating country why does Denmark send Navy there...

(Marita Koelsch on July 26, 2014 21:44)

Danes appear to the world audience as barbaric savages.

(Barbara Kranichfeld on July 26, 2014 17:30)

Godwin! Muslims are persecuting Jews. Jews are killing and maiming children...

(July 25, 2014 21:07)

IIf i was Adnan Naqui I had responded in similar way, but as I am an...

(Alberto Poalo Bernardini on July 25, 2014 20:44)

The World Health Organization is fervently anti-smoking; their goal is its...

(Dave Copeland on July 25, 2014 18:22)

4 g? Since when did the planet suddenly increase its mass 4 times?

(July 25, 2014 15:26)

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