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Mother of all stupidity is believing that Hizb ut Tahrir wants to change the...

(Haqq Abdul on March 1, 2015 23:52)

"The delicate question is if they are now entitled to express social and...

(William Harvey on March 1, 2015 19:59)

The safest place for Jewish-Danish children is integrated with other Danish...

(Bill Jones on March 1, 2015 16:40)

"For example, on 7 July 2005, the London transport network was bombed and a...

(Cliff Arroyo on March 1, 2015 10:31)

Smiles and laughter indicate fun.These guys look like the're going to a funeral.

(Keith OConnell on March 1, 2015 07:58)

Does the "Nation" own the land?

(Evan Owen on February 28, 2015 18:17)

With the multiple births in the 70 Countries that Cyros supplies from Denmark...

(Buzzy Sørensen on February 28, 2015 17:36)

That picture doesn't look like it's related to bullying. A good caption would...

(Cliff Arroyo on February 28, 2015 17:24)

Fuck all muzrats

(Ali Sayyar on February 28, 2015 16:26)

Somebody needs a hug and lots of love, in short! As Peter, Paul and Mary...

(Nickolaus Hendel on February 28, 2015 04:14)

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