Snow way! town tells winter do-gooder

January 26th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

Elderly man ordered to stop removing snow from unploughed municipal roads

It appears that no good deed goes unpunished in southern Jutland, especially when the local bureaucrats get involved.

For the past decade, 71-year-old Frode Christiansen has been using his ageing Ford tractor to plough snow off of the roads in and around the tiny village of Hostrupskov near Aabenraa. 

Christiansen recently however, received a letter from the Aabenraa Local Council ordering him to cease and desist with his volunteer snow removal, according to Jydske Vestkysten.

Even though Christiansen only cleaned the so-called “D roads” that the municipal machines never touched, he was told that ploughing snow is the town’s job and they did not want amateurs mucking about.

Erwin Andresen runs AabenraaÂ’s public works department and he says the rules may have been a bit fuzzy.

“We were right to send the letter. The regulations may not have been clear and people thought they could take matters in their own hands. They should really call us before they do anything.”

After receiving the letter, Christiansen indicated that his old blue tractor may now be for sale. 

Andresen told Jydske Vestkysten that he hoped Christiansen would not be too hasty and that he was planning on calling to “make him an offer”.


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