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February 24th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

It restores your faith in the human ‘spirit’ to see that someone was nice enough to hire Gabriel Macht after his turn in The Spirit. And while Suits has a solid 60 on Metacritic, fans site IMDB gives it a high 8.8, suggesting there’s more to this than its done-to-death ‘criminal ends up working in law’ premise suggests. One critic described the leads as a smarty-pants and swaggering ass, and your enjoyment will depend on whether you find their banter witty or irritating. USA Today verged on the latter, describing it as “ludicrous, ill-cast and ill-conceived, with a premise that’s idiotic”.

A safer bet must be David Attenborough’s look at how it all began in the two-parter First Life (DR2, Mon & Tue 19:00) in which he studies the habits of creatures that have been around longer than Henry Kissinger. While Great Rift: Africa’s Wild Heart (DR2, Sun 20:00) is a three-parter BBC series that also really delivers.

Who will take delivery of the world’s most famous statuettes? Talking Movies (BBC World, Sat 20:30) previews the show, TV2 Film shows it (early Monday morning) and the Oscar highlights (DR2, Mon 20:30) reviews it, starting with a 30-minute visit to the red carpet.

The subjects of Once Upon A Time: Some Like It Hot (DRK, Fri 20:00) have been there – this is worth watching simply for Tony Curtis revisiting what it was like kissing Hitler – and Boy Cheerleaders (SV2, Mon 18:00) is a nicely-paced doc about Britain’s top boy’s team in a pastime that’s popular in Leeds.

Elsewhere, in Cocaine Diaries with Alex James (TV2, Sun 20:00) in which Blur’s bassist finds out what happened to his million plus quid in Colombia; don’t miss John Lithgow in series four of Dexter (TV3 Puls, Thu 22:00); there are new seasons of Royal Pains (TV3 Puls, Wed 22:00) and DCI Banks (SV1, Sat 21:30); there’s a special piracy (the Somalian, not Sparrow kind) theme night on Monday on TV3+ that includes the BBC doc The Trouble with Pirates (19:40); Dagestan’s Football Dreams (BBC World, Fri 21:40) is possibly the craziest ever example of throwing money at the game; and Perez Hilton: Superfan Lady Gaga (TV2 Zulu, Tue 21:45) is too ghastly for word – see it if you hate yourself.

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