Designs on the discount of the decade?

Just the names are enough to send some people into a tizzy, if not a feeding frenzy: Chin Copenhagen, Apóstrophe, Dansk, Fred Perry, Tiger of Sweden, all at major discount.  So what if the goods are, well, something a little less than brand new?  So are all the things in your closet.  And who will know, anyway?


As sure as the seasons change – spring and autumn that is – Designer Forum will open the floodgates to those who feed on what the French call ‘le reste’: leftovers, but very delicious ones at that.  If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know that it costs more to send things back than it does to offer them at deep discount, and so some of the high-end items that didn’t fly off the rack or shelves in their first outing are now available to rummage through and snag, from April 27- 29. One man’s (yes, there will be items available for men as well) poison is another person’s pleasure, so with 40-80  percent off high-end goods, you can’t miss.


And if for some incomprehensible reason you get bored, or have to console yourself because you missed that cute black chiffon-y thing from Venus De Milo that flew away when a more discerning and aggressive shopper snatched it away just seconds before you made your move, you can top off the entire event with brunch at the Forum itself, on Sunday, at Café Forum. For shoestring budgeters, some food samples will be floating around:  Coca-Cola Light, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Kips Chips.


Happy hunting is what women always say to each other when they are about to embark on a shopping spree, and Designer Forum once more will be a great place to sharpen your skills, wield your weaponry. Smilingly edge aside that cute young girl who will look better than you in the trendy, cleverly cut item from Vesterboro’s Kyoto, but get it nevertheless. Pay no attention to the well-groomed young men looking for new duds: they won’t be interested in you anyway (probably more in each other) and besides, you’re on a mission here, and it’s not just clothing.  Skagen (watches) will be up for grabs.  Glasses by Kaiser Eyewear. And shoes: high stepping ones from BB Shoe, Gardenia/Shoe Biz, or Post Footwear, and sneakers from Converse. In fact, maybe you should make Converse your first stop so you can scoot around in comfort.  


Designer Forum is on every fashionista and maven’s must-do list; it’s also featured in numerous tourist promotional guidebooks, so the competition from professionals will be fierce. But the Forum, even if crowded – beats a small stuffy dressing room, though it may have the aura of a factory warehouse with rows and rows of clothing displayed on stand-alone racks. Friday is a special VIP night where you will be among the first – for the upgraded fee of  220kr – to preview and view with a bit of exclusivity, as the number allowed inside will be a mere 2,000 people. Tickets are available at the door on Saturday and Sunday, but not on Friday, or they can be ordered online.   


Topping off the list of available services, a make-up artist will be practicing makeovers on Sunday, near the Bazar magazine stand – your face is one area you can’t cover up with designer items. 


Designer Forum

Forum; Julius Thomsens Plads 1, 1925 Frederiksberg;  open Fri (VIP Night) 17:00-20:00, Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-16:00; Tickets: 65kr, VIP Night 220kr;


La Femme – Enjoy a weekend for women in the name of femininity and relaxation. After a long week of work and everyday duties, La Femme is the place to stimulate the senses at the mecca of fashion, beauty, make-up, wellness, coaching, travels and so much more. MSØ


Valby Hallen, Julius Andersensvej 3, Cph SV; Fri 12:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00; one-day tickets 102kr,;;


Kids Swap Shop – If your baby has outgrown its clothes, this is the place to swap them for something else when the library opens the doors for a big day of swapping. You can also bring toys and other stuff your kids don’t want anymore – you kid’s trash might be someone else’s treasure. MSØ
Avedøre Bibliotek, Hjulmagerporten 1, Hvidovre; Sat 10:30; free adm; 3634 3600;

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