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September 28th, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

Walk the wave: Construction on a new harbour-side recreational facility will soon get underway opposite Islands Brygge. Dubbed the Kalvebod Waves, the pier will be built out into the water and cover 4,000 square metres. Area residents have previously voiced disapproval at the number of expensive high-rise buildings that dominate the harbour. Earlier in September, activists dressed as pirates protested against the lack of life on the harbour by chasing mayor Frank Jensen (S) as he took a tour on a canal boat. The city’s deputy mayor for technical affairs Ayfer Baykal (SF) acknowledged the need to develop a more inclusive and active harbour.

(Photo: ft.dk)Foot in mouth: Liberal Alliance employment spokesperson Joachim B Olsen has agreed with a statement by the head of HR at AP Moller Maersk, which appeared on the company’s intranet, claiming that men are paid more than women because they are more ambitious, work harder and earn more seniority. Olsen said that the pay gap was completely natural because men use their efforts in the workplace while women focus more on children and families. Olsen’s stance was met with a hail of criticism. Pernille Vigsø Bagge, the equality spokesperson for Socialistisk Folkeparti, said Olsen must not realise that it is 2012 and that a woman is currently the PM.

(Photo: Colourbox)Switch it off: Both Danish energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions fell in 2011, and an increasing amount of the nation’s energy was supplied by renewable sources. The financial crisis, warm weather and green investments all contributed to the positive energy numbers. Renewable energy accounted for 23.6 percent of the total energy consumption in 2011, compared to 22.1 percent in 2010. Energy consumption fell 6.4 percent, almost to levels not seen since 1990. While 2011’s relatively warm weather played a part, the ongoing economic crisis and sluggish growth also contributed to the drop in energy use.


Start 'em young: According to Statistics Denmark, more and more kids are given their first mobile phone before the age of ten. Steve Jobs would have been so proud.

CPH Post Word of the Week: Rocker (noun) – member of a biker gang, such as the Hells Angels or Bandidos. Where you heard it: After numerous violent incidents this past week, police fear that a new gang war is brewing.

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