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A couple of months ago when the new Mercedes A-Class officially came onto the Danish market, I was shocked. It represents a complete break-up from its predecessors, which now seem to have an echo in the B-Class. Wondering whether that left the A-Class unprepared and alone in a fight with competitors that could never have before really touched it, I set out to do some test drives. Here is an original comparison of ´the new A-Class with a few cars that you maybe wouldn’t have portrayed it next to.


Alfa-Romeo Giulietta
Alfas have always had something on Mercedes cars, but although luxurious and sporty, the lack of quality mechanics always seems to ruin the fun. Alfa Romeo’s new generation of cars want to change that image, drawing more on its expensive brother, Maserati, and reviving old legends like the Giulietta. Wonder where have I heard that idea before?
Englandsvej 388A, Kastrup; Prices from 249,000kr;


Citroën DS4
Citroën is probably the last car you would expect to compete with a Mercedes, but wanting to claim its place as a high-end car producer, it’s taking steps towards this. The company is hoping to emulate the success of its first DS, which surprisingly became ‘the most X car’ in almost every category, and most people seriously doubt this will be the case. We all know what happens when you try TOO hard!
Kirstinehøj 66, Kastrup; Prices from 269,000kr;


Honda Civic
This Japanese die-hard is in its second cycle of adopting Honda’s signature alien-style bodywork, and luckily it’s getting a lot better at it. No flashy gadgets inside and no visibility problems in the back, this car really was made for driving. The originality of the car’s exterior meant they could keep the interior simple, though the digital display sitting atop of the analog indicators is really useful. The Honda Civic really has become more of a family car than the new A-Class could ever be, both in terms of space and fuel-efficiency.
Englandsvej 382, Kastrup; Prices from 214,900kr;


Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Is the new A-Class actually an A-class car? Well, it certainly is more luxurious than the others I have laid down for you here, so I guess in that regard the good old MB is still on top. But with a rear-end that looks dangerously similar to that of some of the new Citroën models and those hard plastics up on the dashboard that are meant to balance the price for the amazing standard seats, I must say I’m a bit surprised that the whole 2012 stock is already sold out.
 Baldersbækvej 8B, Ishøj; Prices from 329,000kr;