Stop-and-search zones extended yet again

The police ordinance met to tamp down the ongoing gang violence is prolonged an additional two weeks

Due to the ongoing gang conflicts, three police districts have now decided to prolong their stop-and-search zones again.

The police districts include Copenhagen Police, Copenhagen Vestegn Police and North Zealand Police.

The zones were due for expiration today, but have now been scheduled for April 9 instead. According to the police, the zones are being prolonged due to the continuing disturbances between rival gangs.

The Copenhagen Vestegn Police’s stop-and-search zone was introduced on January 12. The area affected was reduced three days later on January 15 to Gladsaxe, Herlev and Ballerup. It was introduced after a shooting led to the death of a 19-year-old man on January 11 and two other shootings that same weekend. All shootings are suspected to be gang-related.

The same incidents had the Copenhagen Police establish their stop-and-search zone on January 14.

The North Zealand Police adopted the idea and set up their zone on February 22 after an incident the previous night in which police fired warning shots at gang members. The zone covers the city Kokkedal, where the incident occurred and where there have been other gang-related episodes.

In a stop-and-search zone, the police are allowed to search anyone who enters the area, regardless of whether the police have evidence, suspicion or a legitimate reason to stop the person.

According to the Copenhagen Vestegn Police’s website, the aim is to “prevent punishable deeds so citizens can feel free and safe in the area”.