Five-day squat ends with arrests

May 13th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

As many as 50 people had been staying in disused building owned by University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen police arrested 38 people for trespassing yesterday after the group had occupied a disused building in the Nørrebro district since Thursday. 

“We arrested 37 people inside the house and one outside that we recognised as having been part of the occupation earlier in the week,” police spokesperson Gert Sejback told DR News. “The arrests were made without incident.”

The activists took over the building at Jagtvej 155B, which is owned by the University of Copenhagen, in order to spotlight the housing problem among young people by creating what they called “a cultural haven”.

Police said that up to 50 people had been staying in building since Thursday.

A spokesperson for the activists called the police action unnecessary intimidation.

“It was disgusting for them to bust in without engaging with us after we had announced that we did not want confrontation,” the spokesperson, who identified himself only as 'BZ1', said. “The attack proves that governments, businesses and their minions do not want to explore the ideas of alternative housing and cultural venues.”

'BZ1' said that even though the front door was open, the police kicked it in during the action.

“We came in peace and hoped to be met with the same, so we can help to build up the local culture,” the group wrote in a press release.

Police said that they were prepared to encounter resistance when they entered the building

The university says it has plans to use the building. 


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