Grain of Sand | Death by kroner?

Imagine the death of the welfare state. Imagine it being replaced by a new system. Not a jungle dictatorship like Pol Pot or an elaborate one like Gaddafi’s but a custom-made and articulate dictatorship right in your own Danish backyard, where money will sit on the throne, dictating to the masses how they should live their lives.

Imagine kroner giving you orders, your whole life and existence now at the mercy of the monetary dictatorship. Sure, this is a difficult proposition, but imagine this monetary dictatorship roping its tail around you like a python, squeezing all your energy. The more you fight and scream, the tighter the grip gets, and eventually most will succumb to the inevitable.

But the inevitable is not so obvious in this case, for this financial python’s intention is not to kill you instantly, but to keep you caged and alive for as long as possible, in order for you to acknowledge the new boss in town.

In this financial dictatorship, buying and selling will be a pipe dream, for everything would have already been sold to the financial dictatorship. Yes, the house you live in, the couch in your living room, even your toilet seat, all bought and now being rented out to you at the astronomical price of your human dignity.

In short, if you don’t bend over for this financial dictatorship, your ass will be out on the cold freezing streets where there will be gnashing of teeth –  in this scenario, your ass will no longer belong to you.

You will not be able to relieve yourself without permission. Even taking a piss will require prior permission, and every drop will be accounted for.

In this world, the old ideas of kindness and trust will be turned upside down. No longer will there be casual smiles between neighbours, but only dark and deep-seated fear and mistrust. Even age-old nationalism will no longer exist, as neighbour will turn against neighbour, as Big Brother’s cameras watch your every move.

Everyone will now be looking out for their own ass, and many will attempt to appease the new financial dictatorship by giving in to its whims. But this financial dictatorship will not give so much as a mouse fart. It will simply take what it wants, whenever it wants and however it wants. It will be feasting on the economic and social deprivation of the masses.

Human rights will be replaced by a new system of ‘monetary rights’, and those who bend over enough to appease the financial dictatorship will receive the crumbs that fall off the high table. There will be no negotiations or bargaining, and people will simply have to take and accept what they are given.

Like in the days of Pope Urban, indulgences will be sold for the forgiveness of financial sin. Those who go bankrupt will have to atone for the cost with their very existence. For those who can afford it, it will only cost a few thousand kroner to get away with their vices, but only the oligarchs will be able to afford it.

The rest will have no choice but to prostitute themselves before the debauchery of the financial dictatorship and each time they give in, their value will be drastically reduced.  No longer will the stock markets be selling company shares – they will be trading in human misery as the financial dictator will be reaping all the profits.

No longer will there be right, left or centre politics, for many politicians will have become slave-owners, and some will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams for betraying their people and country.

Human dignity and rights will languish in the dustbins of history, next to religion and good old-fashioned manners. Concepts like free will and self-determination will now be politically incorrect, and whispering such nonsense will bring certain death by strangulation.

No longer will there be citizens as all people will have become the property of the financial dictatorship, who will sit on the ruling throne as the new political god of the age.

Now, this scenario may be unlikely in real life. In fact, it is just a figment of my imagination. So why did I reel you into this nightmarish scenario? Just think about it.

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