Police arrest three in cannabis bust

May 23rd, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

The police confiscated 40,000 kroner, luxury items and a small amount of cannabis while raiding seven different addresses

Copenhagen Police arrested three men yesterday and charged them with selling 340 kilos of cannabis to dealers in Christiania's Pusher Street.

The men were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a police operation that included raids at least seven addresses related to the men.

”The day’s operation comes as part of our continuous ongoing investigation into the suppliers to the organised criminals in Pusher Street,” Poul Kjeldsen, the vice police inspector from Task Force Pusherstreet, told Ritzau news service.

The three arrested men, aged 32, 35 and 36, are all Danish citizens hailing from the Greater Copenhagen area.

The police estimated that sold cannabis was worth about 17 million kroner, although the police have been unable to confiscate much of the money, as they netted just 40,000 kroner in the raid of the residence of one of the arrested men. 

The arrestees have had plenty of time to disperse the drug money since the investigation into their dealings has taken place since 2011. The police did manage to confiscate designer furniture and other luxury items and around 200 grams of cannabis.

The three are due in court today.

The arrests come as Copenhagen's mayor, Frank Jensen (Socialdemokraterne), continues to push for a three-year trial of legal marijuana in Copenhagen


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