Here comes the sun

If the cool June had you down, we’ve got some good news for you: meteorologists say we’re in for a mostly gorgeous July

We can expect sunny, warm weather in July, according to the latest meteorology institute, DMI, national weather prognosis.

“We'll see fairer weather pretty much from the first day of the month,” wrote DMI meteorologist Martin Lindberg in the prognosis. “There will be sunshine and we can expect daytime highs of around 20 degrees.”

DMI pointed out that although the prognosis for the first weeks of July was looking summery, they warned that we could expect some periods of clouds and rain. The end of the month, on the other hand, should be mostly perfect.

“Mid-July will bring clear, summer weather,” Lindberg predicted. “We're calling for more back-to-back days with sunshine and temperature around the 25 degrees mark.”

For those eyeing the sky worrying about the weather at the Roskilde Festival, DMI also had some good news for you, too.

“It won’t be a rainy Roskilde Festival,” Niels Hansen, a DMI spokesperson, told The Copenhagen Post.

And if you think summers in Denmark have been wet recently, you're right. Since 2001 there has been more rain than average, but this year, things could be different. DMI’s summer prognosis, released in May, predicted this summer to be the driest in years, and according to Hansen that outlook still stands.

“It still looks as though we’ll get less precipitation than over the last decade,” said Hansen. “We are not sure if it will go down to the level it was at in 2000, but we will experience less rain than previous summers.” 

There you have it. It's going to be a warm, dry summer.