Right-wing surge confirmed

August 20th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

For the second time this month, an opinion poll is coming up roses for the populist Dansk Folkeparti (DF). In an Epinion poll taken after the government announced its cabinet reshuffle last week, DF polled at 17.8 percent of the votes, which would be the party’s best result ever and give it a total of 31 seats in the 179-member legislature, a gain of nine from its current total. An August 6 Greens/Børsen poll also found DF polling at 31 seats. DF’s stunning gain overshadowed the first bit of good electoral news for the ruling coalition since the 2011 election. The PM’s Socialdemokraterne gained a slim 0.5 percent, while junior ally Socialistisk Folkeparti edged ahead 0.7 percent. Were the election to be held today, the centre-right opposition would storm to power with 100 seats. – DR Nyheder


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