Storm warning lifted

One of Denmark’s most powerful storms in recent memory is officially over for much of the country

Meteorologists with DMI have called off the storm warning for the vast majority of the country. Only the island of Borhnholm remains on alert. Winds on the Baltic island are still gusting at hurricane strenght. 


Even though the police warning to remain indoors has been lifted, officials underscored that there could still be powerful gusts in eastern parts of the country. Debris and other objects loosened by today's storm could be kicked up by the winds, causing potentially dangerous situations for pedestrians and drivers.


"You can go out now, but there are still some strong gusts," said Lars Henrisken, a DMI meteorologist. 


For those planning to go out to catch a train, you may want to reconsider. According to DSB, all train traffic south of Aarhus, including Funen and Zealand, including S-train traffic in Copenhagen, has been stopped until 4am Tuesday. Once traffic does resume, service levels will be reduced. 


Currently about 50 trains are stopped on tracks. DSB said it was in the process of hiring coaches to transport the passengers, but said that some may need to spend the night in train carriages.


Although the storm raced across the country and was over relatively quickly, it will go down as one of the more powerful in recent memory. Its peak wind strength, 54 metres per second (or 194km/h), recorded in Kegnes in southern Jutland, was the highest ever recorded in Denmark. The previous record was recorded during a similar storm in 1999.


The 1999 storm, reportedly resulted in an estimated 13 billion kroner in damages – about one percent of GDP. Intitial estimates of the damage caused by this storm are not expected until tomorrow morning. Economists, however, pointed out that despite the initial losses due to the damage the storm could result in a minor boom. 


One person has been reported killed during the storm. The victim, a 21-year-old man visiting family in the coastal village of Gilleleje, died when a roof collapsed on top of him while was outside taking pictures. Another eight people were reported to have suffered serious injuries, while hospitals say 70 more have been treated for minor injuries.