Doped-up dining’s done good

Silver.Spoon is organising its most taboo event ever – a drugs-inspired dinner that will “push the boundaries of comfort”

Restaurants come and go, but very few of them do it literally. Several times a year, clandestine dinner organiser Guerilla Dining pops up in a new location to explode our minds – normally, though, without the use of drugs.

But before you get on your high horse, or even your pink seahorse, about them serving hash brownies and liquorice laced with LSD, the drugs on Guerilla Dining’s ‘Doped up’ menu won’t get you high – only the food and wine pairings will – but they will raise awareness of the prevalence of drug use in society today.

“This event and concept is meant to push the boundaries of comfort and to open the door to usually touchy subjects of conversation among a group of strangers,” explains the event’s head chef William Milsted, who has created a drug-inspired seven-course menu. “Rather, we are blowing that door wide open.”

Milsted’s menu will, according to the company’s press release, take “a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the prevalence of drug use in society, the lifestyle around it, and its dangers”. Edible drug paraphernalia, for example, will be included in the dishes.

The occasion promises its guests – on Saturday November 9 at a to-be-announced location – “an evening of playful infusions of the culture in both the food and drink, thereby exposing its underbelly”.

So while there may be plenty of play in store for the diners, the underlying message that drugs destroy lives is a serious one, and Guerilla Dining’s owner Silver.Spoon is accordingly donating proceeds from the evening towards a homeless initiative. The funds, and perhaps leftovers, will assist Regen Church in Nørrebro in its tireless efforts to supply food to a group of local homeless, which includes around 50 regulars who have become semi-dependent on its work.

“This has been a delicate path to tread with such a provocative topic placed in the spotlight,” explained Silver.Spoon’s American founder and chief executive Tiffany Ng.  

“What we want to make sure people understand is that we are not taking lightly the dangers of drug use, but rather creating a forum in which we can address the issue without launching into a lecture.”

Guerilla Dining is owned by the underground food experience agency Silver.Spoon, which was founded in 2009. In addition to Guerilla Dining’s one-off events, it also provides on-the-go street cuisine through Street Corner Kitchen, social dining in intimate settings via Wine&Grub, private event curation, and catering.

To make a reservation for the event on Saturday November 9, visit The evening will start at 18:00 with a welcome hour before dinner at 19:00. Attendance costs 600 kroner, and the strongly-advised drinks pairing menu a further 600 kroner.

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