A taste of spring this weekend

March 7th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Next week could be even better, with temperatures up to 14 degrees

National meteorologist DMI has predicted a mild and dry March, and this weekend will be no exception. Next week promises to be even better and temperatures could be twice as high as  average.

A dry and partially sunny Friday offering temperatures as high as 12 degrees C will be followed by a dry Saturday that will bring sun to parts of the country. Temperatures will range between five and ten degrees C.

Sunday will also be dry and sunny with temperatures reaching as high as 13 degrees – a hint of what is to come next week, according to DMI meteorologist Martin Lindberg.

“The Atlantic low-pressure systems will mostly stay out around the British Isles or move across to the north without really affecting Denmark,” Lindberg said in a DMI press release.

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A warm and dry March
Lindberg estimates that the weather over the next four weeks will be warmer and less rainy than usual. Even the sun will show its welcoming face more often than it typically does in March and temperatures next week could reach 14 degrees C.

“The jet steam will move even further north and will bring warm spring air up towards Scandinavia,” Lindberg wrote. “A high-pressure system is building up over the North Sea and Denmark, so we will see a number of predominately sunny days.”

The average March day-time temperature in Denmark over the past ten years has been at 6.1 degrees C.


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