Tourists flocking to northern Zealand

March 10th, 2014

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Scandinavians finding it hard to resist the nature and history of the region

The total number of nights spent by holiday-makers in northern Zealand exceeded 1.2 million last year.

The figure, which represented an increase of 6.4 percent on 2012, was helped by a good summer. However, the national growth average was just 1.8 percent in comparison.

"It is massive growth,” Annette Sørensen, the head of VisitNordsjælland, told Lokalavisen .

Marinas, camping sites and hostels all attracted more tourists than in the previous year.

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Increase in Dutch visitors
A breakdown of the figures reveal that the the vast majority of the overnight stays were made by Danes (922,721), followed by their fellow Scandinavians: Swedes (45,371) and Norwegians (22,601).

In fourth place were the Dutch (14,513) and in fifth the British (12,986)

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The Danish Riviera
Sørensen doesn't know exactly why there are so many visitors.

"There are increasing visitor numbers to Kronborg, and the Maritime Museum for Denmark is located beside it," she said.

"And we imagine they are also visiting castles in Hillerød and Fredensborg. And then we also have the Danish Riviera with all our fantastic beaches."

According to Visitdenmark.com, northern Zealand is a popular destination due to its nature and beaches, but also because of its proximity to Copenhagen.


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