Voluntary tattoo law “a failure”

March 13th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Law designed to give consumers information about safe tattoo parlors a bust

Not one tattoo parlour has registered with the government under a law that would give consumers the chance to choose their body artist based on their knowledge of hygiene, inks and understanding of the risks involved with tattooing.

The law, which took effect in January, also assumed that a trade association would take over registering tattooists that wanted to be on the government registry, but nobody has stepped up to take the job.

“When a single tattoo artist hasn't registered, then the law is not having the intended effect,” Enhedslisten spokesperson Stine Brix told DR Nyheder.

“Consumers cannot use the system to differentiate between tattoo artists who have mastered their craft and those who have not.”

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Paper tiger
The law was designed for tattoo artists to sign up voluntarily. However, Dansk Folkeparti believes that the regulations were toothless

“The law is completely useless,” Liselotte Blixt told DR Nyheder.  “We want a record of all tattooists, and it should not be optional."

Blixt said that all tattoo shops should be staffed by tattooists who are registered and have had hygiene courses and education.

Nick Hækkerup (S), the heath minster, said that he believes it is up to the tattoo industry to police its own house, but Brix believes that the government has at least some responsibility.

“There are a great many Danes who want a tattoo, and I think it is our responsibility to ensure a minimum level of security,” she said. “I think everyone can see that the system as it is now does not work.”


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