Thise turning yogurt into gold

April 8th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Breakfast favourite skyr is earning dairy Thise Mejeri millions

Organic dairy Thise Mejeri has presented a 20 million kroner profit for 2013, its biggest in ten years, thanks to the success of its Icelandic protein-rich yogurt product 'skyr'.

"Skyr is storming ahead," executive board member Arne Bisgaard told Børsen finance newspaper. 

"We have found a gold mine and the board deserves credit for placing its bets on that product."

Thise Mejeri was the first dairy to introduce skyr to Denmark in 2006, and an increasing number of Danes are now eating skyr for breakfast. Denmark remains the biggest skyr market in Scandinavia, but Bisgaard said that Sweden, Norway and Finland are close runner-ups.

“We actually expect 2014 to be even better,” he said.  


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