Living it up at Tivoli Hotel

Enjoy serene skyscapes and a well-crafted hotel experience

If you’re like me and don’t care much for planning, walking into Tivoli Gardens any day of the week is a safe bet for a fun and adventurous experience. Likewise, a stay at Tivoli Hotel shares that quality of a complete and well-crafted experience, even if you only plan your trip using the supplied information and guides left on the desk in your room. With the whole city within walking distance, it has never been easier to be a tourist.

Calm and comfort


Other than that though, Tivoli Hotel and Tivoli Gardens don’t have much in common. I don’t miss the screaming children and drunks raving in the evening. I was in fact a bit surprised by how calm and relatively silent the hotel was at most hours, despite there not being a single room available that night (I checked). It must be because of the soundproof windows.

Having lived in Copenhagen for more than 2 decades, I rarely find myself amazed at the sight of my hometown, yet watching the sun go down over the heart of the city from my enormous windows on the tenth floor still left me in awe. Ignoring the construction work next door, it was quite the sight. Counting the cars turning on headlights in the evening, and the sunset reflecting on the waters of the harbour made it hard to move from my comfortable sofa.

I probably have snow in my veins, so I really appreciated the silent air conditioners that kept the entire hotel dry and just above 20 degrees. I don’t know if the two are related, but it was also the nicest smelling hotel I have ever had the chance to visit! A faint but pleasant smell of freshness.

Everything you need


The hotel is very cozy. I would recommend it for families and businesspeople alike. The furniture is of high quality, the warm colours and carpet make you feel very welcome. They will help you with everything from umbrellas to shield you from the unpredictable Danish weather to bikes for touring the city and maps and travel guides to plan your trip.

But to be honest, from the location of Tivoli Hotel, you would have to know the city better than me to walk in any direction and not find something interesting. That is, if you ever leave; with a perfect temperature, an indoor pool, a peacefully silent executive lounge (available with some booking types) and several restaurants, I would be happy to spend more than one night there just hanging out in the hotel.

Feast on the view


And speaking of restaurants, Tivoli Brasserie is a good bet. Unfortunately I found myself among numerous tables of screaming toddlers, even in the late evening when the kitchen had closed but, it is understandable since it is a family-friendly choice. Another option is Sticksʽn’sushi. There may be other more authentic japanese sushi establishments in town, but simply enjoying a meal on the top floor of this magnificent building makes the restaurant hard to resist.


Arni Magnussons Gade 2, Cph V; from 1,000.00 kr; +45 4487 0000,;

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