Unleash your Winter Olympic spirit!

To coincide with this year’s Winter Olympics, Experimentarium has organised a winter sports exhibition that explores the sports, the weather and the athletes’ health, which will run until December 2014. 

The exhibition, which has 20 activities for the would-be Winter Olympians (young and not-so-young) to try out, is developed so that visitors can have a hands-on experience whilst learning about winter sports and winter itself. 

The majority of the activities revolve around the sports, allowing visitors to learn how to ski, curl, skate or even bobsleigh. 
Other activities include snowball fights, building igloos and simply learning to keep your balance on snowboards. 

If visitors become too tired learning about winter sports, they can take part in sports quizzes, learn about the most memorable winter games and even become a sports commentator! 
Like most of the exhibitions at Experimentarium, there is always an educational element and winter sports is no different. 

Visitors to this exhibition can learn about the risks of doping, the risks of UV and the need for ski goggles, as well as understanding how ice crystals are formed. 
Winter sports is one of several exhibitions that Experimentarium holds, so if you’re planning a visit to the museum, make sure you factor in a sufficient amount of time to visit. 

ends Dec; Trangravsvej 12, Cph K; 105-160kr; experimentarium.dk