Police arrest six in drug ring

January 10th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Operation specialized in smuggling drugs to Norway

A total of six men have been arrested in a drug bust that took place Friday night and Saturday morning.

A special police task force arrested two men at the ferry in Elsinore on Friday evening. When the police searched their car they found six kilos of hashish and two kilos of ecstasy, reports DR.

Police arrested four more people in the Copenhagen area on Saturday morning, one of whom police believe played a crucial role in the operation that specialized in smuggling drugs to Norway.

The arrests come after several months of investigation. Police targeted the men in the ferry as they believe they were heading to Norway.

In total, police believe the drug ring is responsible for having smuggled 40 kilos of hashish, two kilos of ecstasy and two kilos of amphetamine, reports DR.

Police began questioning the men, ranging in age from 32 to 71, on Saturday afternoon. Police have yet to discover where the men have been getting their substances.


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