Falck and Børnefonden team up in Benin

January 15th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

The Danish emergency and assistance giant Falck has joined forces with the development organisation Børnefonden in a business partnership that aims to educate health workers and improve health clinics in the west African nation of Benin.

The project, which will last for two years, is expected to offer better support for mothers giving birth and to reduce their mortality rate. Børnefonden has over 20 years of experience working in Benin, while Falck's expertise will be invaluable, according to Bolette Christensen, the CEO of Børnefonden.

”Falck has specific experience training personnel and working in areas that are not easily accessible and lack modern technology,” Christensen said in a press release.

”These competencies are essential in order to move knowledge across to the health sector in Benin. We have great expectations regarding the co-operation, as this will be the first time that a Danish development organisation has teamed up with a private player in the health sector in this manner.”

Christensen revealed that Falck would educate 25 doctors, midwives and nurses to train about 160 employees at small health clinics spread across eight districts.

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First aid and maternity
Additionally, Falck will provide courses in maternal/infant health and first aid via a similar model that educates 25 local trainers who will then train up to 600 people in first aid and maternal/infant health.

”NGOs like Børnefonden have the right local contacts, infrastructures and employees and will be an important component of the health systems in Africa for a long time in the future,” said Diane Sørensen, the Falck regional head.

”So a close co-operation with Børnefonden – and other NGOs – is an essential prerequisite for us reaching our goal to deliver health services in nation that have a serious need for Falck's competencies.”


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