Lego wins big at the Oscars

February 23rd, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Aside from the Polish film 'Ida', which was co-made by Danish producer Phoenix Film Investments with support from the Danish Film Institute, there were no major Danish film winners at the Oscars last night. 

The Academy Awards, however, was a massive triumph for Danish toy producers Lego.

Song steals the show
Lego cemented its star of a brand after 'Everything is Awesome', the theme song from 'The Lego Movie', was performed by Tegan and Sarah in co-operation with the comedy group The Lonely Island.

The performance, which can be seen below, included a boat-load of dancers dressed up as construction, cowboy and astronaut Lego characters, and even Batman made an appearance for a brief moment of metal mayhem.

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A leg-up for Lego
Oscar statues made from Lego were handed out to a number of celebrities watching on, including a very ecstatic Oprah Winfrey.

Regrettably, Leonardo DiCaprio missed out once again.

Everything is awesome
Christian Husum, one of the Danish producers of 'Ida', was ecstatic following the triumph of 'Ida', which saw off a strong challenge from Golden Globe winner 'Leviathan'.

”We won! Fantastic! Everything is awesome when you've just won an Oscar,” Husum told TV2.dk


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