March 5th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Five stars for That Theatre production – see it before the run ends on March 22

As 'Shakespeare’s Women' celebrated its opening night at the theatre, Krudttønden celebrated its reopening after the terrorism.

Outside the cafe, guests respectfully viewed the hundreds of still fresh flowers that lined the street, while inside staff members wore “stop terrorism” buttons on their jackets.

The cafe was buzzing with conversation and live music that gave an upbeat and cheery atmosphere. You would never have guessed that just ten days prior, the same cafe had been the scene of an act of terror. 

Another magical performance
That Theatre Company's 'Shakespeare’s Women', which is back by popular demand for its second run, did not disappoint. The excited audience lined up in the cafe eager to get good seats for the show.

Once inside, the young and old came together to watch a hilarious play that brings with it the kind of magic that only a small production with just 14 candles and three actors can.

It transported its audience back in time to sit with Shakespeare during a fit of writer's block. Ian Burns as Shakespeare along with Christiane Bjørg-Nielsen and Linda Elvira as his muses gave energetic performances that had the audience in fits of laughter and breaking out into spontaneous applause.    

Bjørg-Nielsen and Elvira play multiple characters throughout the show flawlessly, emerging from multiple costume changes with grace.

Musically brilliant
Bjørg-Nielsen also composed and produced music for the play – a charming surprise for members of the audience who might not have been expecting it. All three actors showcased their splendid singing talents on stage.

Of course, the musical aspect of the play is not the only surprise, so be prepared to take a seat for a show that is guaranteed to be not quite what you expect.

As William Shakespeare himself once wrote: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” and audiences of this show thought it was brilliant.

Shakespeare’s Women


Krudttønden, Serrdslevvej 2, Cph Ø; performances Mon-Fri 20:00, Sat 17:00, continues until March 22; tickets 50-175kr, billetten.dk; that-theatre.com


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