Cover your eyes: there will be crying!

I'm a celebrity…get me out of here!
STV2, Sat 22:45

Ten Danish celebrities (they exist?) are being shipped off to South Africa to participate in the Danish version of I’m a Celebrity … get me out of here. They will strive to be crowned king or queen of the jungle – putting the celebration in celebrity for once.

During their stay, viewers vote celebrities off the show. The public nominates which contestants must complete tasks enabling the selected celebrity to gain food for the camp. The tasks are physical or mental challenges designed to force the participant out of their comfort zones. Find out if hunger trumps fear after all.

There is no place to hide from the cameras. Expect epic breakdowns that transcend language barriers as the celebrities push their boundaries to take first prize. Unlike its British predecessor, the winner keeps the 250,000 kroner prize instead of donating it to charity. 

If the celebrity decides it’s all too much they can yell out the name of the show and leave the jungle behind. The only other way to exit the jungle, with all its horrors, is to endure until the end. This might be the longest couple of weeks the celebrities ever experience. (MD)

(photo: Kamares)

Also new
What actually happens to nearby cities when a volcano erupts? Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time (DRK, Fri 20:00) unveils the stories of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the lesser known city with an equally interesting story to tell.

Further quench your thirst for knowledge by uncovering the mysteries of the universe alongside astrophysicist Neil deGrasse in Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey (DR3, Sun 20:00).

Or the mysteries of tattoos, like where do people get inked when they run out of space? My Tattoo Addiction (BBC Ent, Tue 21:00) has the answer.

Elsewhere, women in society are in focus this week. The expected and tragic murder of a British nurse is the subject of Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son (DR1, Sun, 23:00); the victim of a gang rape in Kenya fights for a fair trial in I will not be silenced (DR2, Wed 23:00), while the controversial issue of rape in India is taken on in India’s Daughter (STV2, Sun, 22:10); and stories told by female soldiers in the Israeli military are brought forth in Soldier Women: To see if I’m smiling (BBCW, Sat, 15:10). (AI)

Coming soon
You’d think another zombie apocalypse or future dystopia brought on your TV screen would be the last thing on Earth you’d rather see, but you wouldn’t be more wrong about this widely-acclaimed new sitcom by Fox. 

Finding himself alone after a virus wiped out the human race, Phil Miller (30 Rock’s Will Forte) roams around LA in his underwear and does just about everything you’d do if nobody cared and nobody was watching. Curious yet? (AI)

(photo: Ronnie Macdonald)

Sport of the week
Surely Bradford City, the slayers of Chelsea and Sunderland, won’t come unstuck against Blackburn Rovers in the quarters of the FA Cup? Elsewhere, we’ve got the second legs of the Champions League last 16 phase (Chelsea vs PSG looks the pick) and the European Indoor Athletics Championship.  (BH)

Film of the week
What happened to Danish actor Thure Lindhardt as surely his career was on fire following Flame and Citron? The answer is he made Eddie: the Sleepwalking Cannibal (K6, Sun 21:00), a film that peaks with its title. Opt instead for the dully-titled Moonlight Kingdom (SVT2, Fri 21:45), The Debt (DR2, Fri 20:00) and Magic Mike (K5, Mon 21:00). (BH)

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