Teenagers assaulted over the weekend

April 27th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

One victim claims he was declined help at a city centre McDonalds, while another was attacked while riding a skateboard in Hillerød

Violence near Frederiksborg Slot ended up with a boy being admitted to hospital over the weekend (photo: Kresten Hartvig Klit)

It was a rough weekend for 16-year-old boys.

One boy reported he was assaulted without provocation and was denied help when he went to the McDonald’s on Kongen’s Nytorv with his face covered in blood. The boy also reported that a taxi driver refused to drive him to A&E.

Sister takes to social media
“I am deeply shocked that no adult would help a 16-year-old boy who stands with blood all over his face and asks for help,” wrote the boy’s sister, Christina Jasmine Lange, on her Facebook page, on which she also posted photos of her brother.

“Last night my 16-year-old brother was gratuitously assaulted, beaten and kicked by a group of adult men,” she wrote.

“He then went to the McDonald’s at Kongens Nytorv with his face covered in blood and asked the staff for help, but he was thrown out. The same thing happened when he asked a taxi to take him to A&E.”

McDonald’s disputed Lange’s version of events on its own Facebook page.

“Obviously, we do not throw out injured guests,” it stated.

“Our employees and the guard who were on duty that night do not agree with the version of events that has been reported. Our staff urged him to go to A&E and gave him water and supplies from our first aid kit. The boy chose to go with his friends.”

Skateboarder assaulted
Meanwhile, a 16-year-old in Hillerød was attacked while riding his skateboard near the  Slotssøen at Frederiksborg Slot.

The boy was involved in a free-for-all and was kicked in the head.

“Police were on the scene for a while, trying to calm down different groups of youths,” Ole Hestbæk from North Zealand Police told Lokalavisen.

“The young man with the skateboard was bullied, assaulted and kicked in the face. He was taken to A&E to be examined.”

The investigation is continuing.


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