Bornholm couple win big on lotto

June 16th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Sunday was a good one for sunshine island couple

A good roll for a Bornholm couple over the weekend (Photo: Danske Spil)

A married couple from Bornholm who have been playing lotto every week since 1989 won in excess of 12 million kroner over the weekend.

The couple, who are choosing to remain anonymous, said they discovered their win when they checked their tickets on Sunday.

“We hardly did anything on Sunday, we checked the numbers so many times,” said the wife. “Eventually we visited some friends, drank a beer in the sunshine and told them about it. What fantastic luck.”

Future secured
The woman said the couple was up at 4 am this morning making a cup of coffee and checking the numbers one more time.

The couple said they plan to pay off their home loan and then get some new glasses and bikes. Past that, they weren’t sure.

“Our security in our old age is secured. It’s a nice feeling.”


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