A lying pig, but no porkie pies

Pia Marsh
July 6th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

One guest didn’t quite make it home on Friday night…

You can imagine that some of the cleaners’ comments following a party for 1,200 guests thrown by Landsskuet, the National Agricultural Show, in Herning last Friday evening contained a few references to living like pigs and uncivilized swine.

But nothing they had to clear up, however unpleasant and sticky, could have prepared them for the party-goer awaiting them in one of the toilets.

And before you ask, this ain’t no porkie pie.

Below the bowl
A flying pig would have been more believable than the lying one they found  conked out on the floor – a landrace pig one to be exact.

According to the Facebook page of the National Show – Winter Show, “one guest had in fact chosen to stay just below the bowl – a bit of a night owl.”

And then according to an update, it took a taxi home at 6:30 am.











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