Lorry causes motorway chaos in southern Jutland

September 28th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Driver tried to evade police inspection by reversing away on hard shoulder

Police in southern Denmark report that a Turkish lorry driver caused chaos last week on the motorway near Padborg at the German border in his efforts to evade a roadside police inspection.

When the lorry driver saw the police inspection point, which had been set up in a motorway rest area, he drove onto the hard shoulder and began to reverse against the direction of the traffic. At this point a number of motorists called the police.

The lorry managed to reverse over a kilometre before a motorcycle police officer stopped it and escorted it to the inspection point.

Upon inspection police found that a magnet had been mounted on the vehicle to disable its journey logger and speed restrictor.

The self-employed haulier was made to pay a guarantee of 61,000 kroner before being allowed to drive away the next day. He will eventually appear in court in Sønderborg and is likely to be disqualified from driving.


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