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Joe Morel
November 5th, 2015

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Don’t miss crazy Christmas Cabaret’s new show ‘Don’t Touch Nefertiti’

Photo by Thomas Petri

Crazy Xmas: Don’t touch NEFERTITI!
Nov 7-Jan 9; Glassalen Tivoli; 50-385kr; tivoli.dk

Even the biggest successes started small – and the Crazy Christmas Cabaret becoming a Copenhagen institution is definitely a success. Since starting in 1982 as “a tiny version of pantomime with four actors and a piano player”, Vivienne McKee’s Christmas favourite has brought expats and Danes together for over 30 years with clever jokes and festive silliness.

McKee is quick to point out that the cast return frequently and are as up for a laugh as the audiences. In fact, she confesses that the annually-returning Dr Van Helsingør fra Elsinore was originally meant to be a one-off. It was only by popular demand that his survival beyond 1986’s ‘Dracula’ cabaret came about. The good-natured mockery and topical jokes have always been part of the show – “People expect all the traditional elements.”

As the audiences grew and became more diverse, the level of participation increased: villains are now booed and hoorays welcome the heroes, dames parade about in ridiculous costume and the whole audience joins the singalongs – it’s like nothing else in Denmark.

If you’ve been before then you’re already sold, but don’t think you know what to expect. For anyone new to the Crazy Christmas Cabaret’s delights, expect the unexpected: sing shamelessly, shout at the characters and join in with Denmark’s favourite cult comedy madhouse.


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