Danish company launching new type of smartphone

The Id1 phone has a unique circular navigation

Copenhagen-based company id2me is launching a new type of smartphone this Thursday, reports TV2.

The Id1 phone is operated by a modified version of the Android system and stands out thanks to its unique circular navigation, where users can select from different apps.

Space for 2 SIM-cards
Christina Agger, the founder of id2me, explained the new smartphone has also space for two different SIM-cards, allowing users to have both their private and work number on the same phone.

“Our system and smartphone are constantly evolving, and we would very much like to involve users in its development,” Agger, who worked for more than ten years as a senior executive at Nokia, told TV2.

Only in Denmark and Sweden
ID1 is produced in China and its technical features are comparable to smartphones from Apple, Samsung and Sony.

It is larger than iPhone 6S and has two built-in cameras, one with 13 megapixels and another with 5 megapixels.

The phone will cost less than 4,000 kroner and will be primarily marketed to the younger generations.

Initially, it will be sold only in Denmark and Sweden – for instance, via Telia.