UK newspaper crazy about Danish town

“One of Europe’s most liveable cities” … and it’s not Copenhagen.

Britain’s Guardian, one of the best known newspapers in the world, has written an article in which it calls Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, “one of Europe’s most liveable cities”.

“Denmark’s third-largest city has transformed its prospects by making itself a desirable place to live and invest. At the heart of this change is an extraordinary commitment to getting the whole city cycling.”

Biking the key
The article sees cycling as the lynchpin to Odense’s transformation.

Klaus Bondam, the head of the Copenhagen-based Cyklistforbundet, admits that Odense has taken the lead in cycling,

“In many places in Copenhagen we do have a cycling environment, but you don’t feel safe sending a kid out to cycle. Odense is doing well,” said Bondam.

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Other cities can do the same
Troels Andersen, the head of Odense’s bike projects, said that many other cities around Europe should be able to emulate Odense example.

“We are a very average city,” said Andersen. “Hundreds of cities could do just what Odense has done.”