Runaway monkey found dead

Christian Wenande
March 8th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Zoo’s managing director believes it was hit by a car

The Barbary Macaque monkey on the loose in west Jutland after fleeing its confines at Blåvand Zoo in January has been found dead.

The young monkey was found near a large road about one kilometre from its former home. The zoo’s managing director, Hans Hestbech, believes it was struck by a car.

“Some summerhouse guests found it under a tree near the road,” Hestbech told DR Nyheder. “It didn’t look like it had sustained any damage, and while I don’t know how it died, I think it was run over.”

“We had hoped that it would have come home on its own, but as time passed by, we were beginning to become sceptical.”

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Forced to flee
An autopsy will be performed on the monkey on Wednesday to ascertain the precise cause of death.

The monkey fled the zoo in January after being ostracised by the rest of his troop.


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