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David Mcquilling
May 22nd, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Part Danish-owned company making waves in panoramic photography

A part Danish-owned company is making waves in the world of GPS mapping.
Nordic GPS, which was started by a group of IT workers in November last year, is using a combination of panoramic photography and drone technology to map everything from the inside of buildings to large cities.

The founding members share a range of expertise in a number of areas: from the production and design of websites to producing GPS rendering projects for municipalities, cultural landmarks and institutions.

Aiding virtual visits
Nordic GPS’s long-term goal is to map both Scandinavia and the Baltic region, according to its spokesperson.

“We have a goal to create accurate panoramic maps of cities,” he told the Copenhagen Post Weekly. “Creating virtual communities that people can visit virtually, before they visit naturally.”

Along with the mapping, The newly founded company is also providing training opportunities to various young people in Denmark who wish to pursue a career in surveying.


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