Give Yourself a Chance: Give and take

Carlos Monteiro
June 11th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

I’ve heard so many times people claiming they want to be entrepreneurs. They want to have the ‘car of the year’ and have the freedom to choose where and with whom they spend their time. They want to live life as if it was a constant party every day.

Comes at a cost
Desiring things can actually be a healthy sign. But these things, however, won’t simply happen because we desire them. No, first it’s necessary to take action, and to be aware that the results of our actions won’t be obvious overnight. They will take quite some time to appear.

And the freedom we aim for, it will cost energy, time, and sometimes even relationships.

Tough decisions
I would like us to consider the choices we make and the consequences one faces when choosing one thing over another.

Whenever I travel to Brazil, I do so on business as an entrepreneur, and that means I’m never off. Rough as it sounds, I have to be very selective with regards to the friends (and even family) I see while I’m there.

As I don’t have much time available, I’m faced with the choice of picking and choosing who I’d like to see. This scarcity of time has forced me to make tough cuts.

Are you ready?
Every choice comes with a price. We need to know if our values and personal goals can synergise, or if they will collide at some point. The art is to find an even balance. With that said, are you ready to let go?

In summary: make a decision and start acting today. Yes, dream big, but remember the consequences and responsibility that comes with it.


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