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Give your brain a workout on the KeyHunt!

Junyi Qi
July 1st, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Searching for the elusive pirate’s map (photo: Dennsi Lehmann)

I finished the KeyHunt Live Escape Game with a rapidly-beating heart and a flushed face.

It was an extraordinarily thrilling hour during which you have to put you thinking cap on and work closely with your team in a bid to solve a series of puzzles, mysteries and hidden clues to progress through the room and finally flee.

Pirates and pharoahs
There are currently three themed live escape games – the Pirate Ship, The Curse of the Pharaoh and The Will – while a new room is under construction.

We were a group of seven, with three of us trying to steal the caption’s treasure map on the ship before he wakes up and throws up overboard, and the other four purloining a magical jewel from the tomb of the pharaoh prior to being cursed with everlasting despair.

The completion time of each room was one hour and the suggested team size is three to five players, to ensure there are tasks for everyone.

Severely challenged
Some of the puzzles are actually arduous. You know the letters in a circle on the floor hide the pin combination of a letter lock, but it’s still unlocked after you’ve tried all the possible letter sequences… Luckily, during these moments of desperation, the staff may show you a clue on the screen in your room.

My team managed to open the pirate’s treasure map box in time and got to press the winner’s button, while the other team were cursed. Their game was more difficult though, they insisted.

Oh well…


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